Tips on packing and moving to a new house

Moving to a new house can be exciting but packing is the worst part and the process of packing is most important part while moving. The moving process can also be stressful and costly, so you should plan according to your budget.

Before you start packing, make certain you have all the essentials like boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, plastic bags etc. To make a smooth move, here are some recommended tips for packing your house stuff.

Pack your stuff early

It is better to start packing early instead of leaving it to last days. You might want to start your packing 2 or 3 weeks before your moving day.

There is no perfect time for packing but always try to pack everything as early as you can. By doing this you may have enough time to do other important works such as changing address etc.

If you have extra time for moving, then you can start your packing according to your house size and items and plan which room you can pack first. Always pack those rooms first which you use less, like storage room, garden shed, garage etc.

Declutter your house stuff

A significant tip is making sure you don’t pack those things that you no longer need. You can declutter many things while packing. There are many things in your house that you may find they are of no use anymore.

You can declutter your clothes, shoes, accessories, appliances etc. and you can sell, donate, and throw them away according to their condition. Try to put these removal stuff in different boxes so you don’t get confused.

It is very hard to get rid of your things, especially if you have kept them for a long time and you need to be very strict for your choices. Once you do declutter, the less you will have to pack.

Use appropriate size boxes

Always try to choose high quality and strong boxes for packing which can be stacked without collapsing during your move. Make sure you will get different size boxes for heavy, large, small, and light items.

Always place heavy items in a small boxes and light weight items in a large box to avoid damaging. Ensure to seal your boxes with tape around the corners, top and bottom.

Fill vacant space in boxes

Don’t leave empty space in boxes. If you have many items in a single box that don’t fit together and having some vacant space in it then, make sure to fill in any gaps with bubble wrap, paper, or clothes to prevent damaging. By doing this you can stop them moving around during move.

Pack fragile items with extra care

Most breakable items need special care. You will need to be extra careful when packing your fragile items like glasses, cups, mirrors, plates etc. Always choose medium sized box rather than larger size box for these kinds of fragile items.

Always use extra packing papers or bubble wrap and assure to wrap each item individually and carefully. You can also use your clothes and hand towels as padding instead of papers.

Wrap each fragile item with your preferred packing material and use tape to secure loose ends. Always place dishes vertically, never horizontally or flat. Mark the box as fragile so the movers get to know to take extra care while transporting it.

Take photos while packing your electronics/furniture

Always remember to take photos of the back configuration while you are going to disconnect your electronics for packing them up. Also take photos of any furniture you take apart screws.

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