Tips on moving houses in 2022

As we all know that we spent the year 2021 mostly in lock-down. The year 2021 has been very difficult for us Kiwis and we may hope the year 2022 to bring happiness and peace in our lives. Let us remind you all that we are still here to help you move your homes and offices.

Moving into a new house is full of joy and excitement as well as full of stress. Packing all the items in the house is not an easy task. You may have bigger items such as sofa, bed etc. and very tiny items for packing. So, get your packing sorted prior to the moving day and relax while the movers in Auckland help make your move stress free on the day.

2022 is looking good so far with most things opening here in NZ except for our borders. So here are some tips which can help you to move your house in 2022 below:


  1. Check for alert levels

As we all know that In New Zealand, Covid-19 and Omicron cases are still growing day by day and the Covid 19 alerts haven’t finished yet as we move into the traffic light system and Auckland is now in Orange Light system.

While moving to a new house, make sure you know that which light system is going on and search about that light restrictions that are put in place by government.


  1. Move when It is safe

Move to a new home when it is safe. Because the safety of you and your family should be your no.1 priority.

If you have infants, toddlers or elders in your family or any other person who is suffering from allergies, then moving to a new home during the Covid-19 pandemics and restrictions wouldn’t be safe for you. Because infants, toddlers or elders are having less immune power to fight against the Viruses.

So, in this situation we ask everyone to be extra careful and keep the loved ones safe.


  1. Follow the correct guidelines

Make sure you read and understand all the guidelines given by the government when you decide to move into a new house. Always try to follow all the guidelines.

If you are not sure about any guidelines, you can contact the Covid-19 online support team. They will help you to understand all the guidelines. Always try to maintain a gap between you and other people wherever possible and safe to do so.


  1. Choose the right moving company

When you are planning to move into a new house then, search for the best removal companies in Auckland and choose 3-4 companies in your top list and check their reviews and get quotes from them.

After getting the quotes, choose for the right moving company in Auckland which could be suitable to your budget. Always remember to check their reviews so you can get an idea about the company’s values.

Before choosing a company, always fix a meeting with the moving company and ask your questions about what kind of offer they have and what kind of insurance they have if anything happens wrong during the move. Only choose a company if they look trustworthy to you.


  1. Book in advance

The best and good removal companies are likely to be heavily booked. If you choose the date you are moving into your new home and have chosen the best removal company, book the removal company in advance.

By booking the company in advance, you can be assured that you are set for the date for moving. Happy New Year from the team at Stress Free Movers in Auckland.