Tips on moving a Piano

Moving into a new house can be exciting, stressful, exhausting, costly as well as challenging when it comes to moving heavy and fragile items. There are certain items that requires extra care, and moving a piano is one of them. In this blog we will cover tips on moving a piano.

Pianos vary from grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos. The three types of pianos are different in their composition and aesthetic looks. One thing that’s in common with these pianos is that they are fragile and require special care especially when being shifted from one place to another.

Pianos are very heavy, awkward, and elegant. Moving a piano is very difficult and challenging. Pianos are priceless instruments and you need to be extra careful while moving a piano.

Everyone of us works hard for money, so it’s natural to find out economical solutions. You might want to think about having professional piano movers take on the challenge rather than do it by yourself.

Below are two tips on moving a piano that will help you make the decision on whether to hire a professional mover or do it yourself.

Hire a professional piano mover

While hiring a professional piano mover, you must search about best and trust-able companies and read their reviews. You should make a list of 3-4 piano movers and try to get quote from them for better decision making.

While you are choosing the piano movers, look out for the experienced ones who would know how to do their job professionally. It might be that you pay extra for experienced movers but that will ensure your piano is in good hands and being taken care of professionally.

Professional piano movers fully understand that how to handle and transport your piano and they also know how expensive and elegant they are. They know the techniques and have been trained in a special environment.

Professional piano moving companies are very strict in the training they provide as that is what makes them stand out then other cheap piano movers.

By hiring professional piano movers, you may avoid serious injuries or damage to the piano, property, or person. So, it is suggested that you let a professional piano mover take care of your piano from point A to point B.

Do it yourself (DIY)

All thought it is suggested that you hire professional piano movers, there may still be someone out there who would like to maybe save some money and has the resources to do it themselves. This might be your first time or second or third, the process is different every time as the place you are moving to is different.

Moving a piano, yourself is harder than you think, and it requires special tools and equipment, plus a good moving truck for the smooth ride along bumps. So, if you do decide that you are up for the task then do follow the tips below.

Measure it up – It is very important to measure up the piano, the vehicle you are using, and the place you are moving it to. Plus, the doorways, hallways, and pathways. To ensure a safe move you need to have enough space for the piano to be moved through, plus space for the people that will be moving it.

Pack it up – After you have measured everything it is time to pack it in such a way that even in the slightest chance of dropping it, it is durable to withstand that impact, of course not stating to pack it that if you drop it from a story high it should survive but just enough to bear a small slip or trip hazard.

Move it – This is not a one-person job as it requires extra care and is heavy to move. So, get your friends or family to help you out and avoid any injuries by using special tools and equipment such as ropes, mats, dollies with strong load bearing wheels to ensure a safe move.

Also, the most important part of safety is to keep your back straight while any lifting is being done. The decision is yours and either way you decide to go, make sure to follow the correct tips on moving a piano and be safe.

Make your next move a stress free one. Book professional piano movers in Auckland today.