Tips on looking after your wooden furniture

Wood furniture is a classically and naturally beautiful that lasts for lifetime with proper care. Wood furniture can be an antique piece which may be built by our elders. Antique wood furniture adds an elegant and cozy look to your house. So looking after your wooden furniture is very important.

Wood furniture requires more attention and it needs extra care to secure its long life. Weather can also affect the wood furniture.

Here are some tips below which can help you to care for your furniture.


Dust your furniture regularly

Dust and dirt particles can make a film on your furniture and which may scratch the surface of wooden furniture. Always try to remove the dust gently with a soft dry cloth.

If your furniture gets stained, then try it to clean with a damp microfiber cloth with warm water.

If the stain is still there, then use a mild dish soap and warm water and then clean it with a dry cloth to remove any extra moisture.


Apply furniture wax/oil

Once cleaning is done then, wax or oil needs to be applied on furniture. Oiling and waxing of furniture maintain its polish and shine. Wax provides a smooth finish and long-lasting protection.

Always try to use paste wax or liquid wax which is made specially for furniture. Don’t use harsh clothes for wiping to remove the extra wax. Always use soft cotton clothes or wax saturated fabrics for polishing.

Very important to carry this out to have your furniture in your home last long.


Use coasters and trivets for glasses and hot dishes

Never put a wet glass or bowls directly on the surface of wooden furniture because it can leave water rings on your furniture which may ruin your furniture. Always use coasters for glasses to protect the furniture from water rings.

Also, never place hot dishes or objects directly on the furniture’s surface without putting a trivets or tablecloth below it. You can use decorative tablecloths or trivets on the surface for protection.


Keep furniture away from sunlight and sharp objects 

Sun has the harmful ultra-violations rays which can affect the appearance of your wooden furniture. Environmental factors like humidity and heat can also have bad effect on the furniture. Sunlight can dry your furniture and can fade the wooden surfaces.

The direct heat from sun can damage the finishes and can create cracks which may be hard to repair. Try to keep your furniture away from sunlight.

If the sunlight can’t be avoided then, you can draw your blinds or curtains down to block the sunlight during the daytime.

Sharp objects can also ruin the polish and finish of your furniture with scratches and scars. To protect it from scratches, also keep your furniture away from sharp objects.


Don’t place steamers under cabinets

Steam and heat from coffeemakers and toasters may leave the moisture which can ruin the finish and polish of the wooden furniture. Too much moisture can cause your furniture to lose its natural look.

Do not place your antique wood pieces in a steamy area. Always place steamers in an open area or on kitchen island instead of placing them under the cabinets.


Keep your furniture smelling fresh

Sometimes old furniture develops bad smell due to wet weather as it has moisture in it. The worst odor can develop from bacteria and old dirt in the wood.

To keep your furniture fresh and smell good, you can use wood soap and wipe it with warm water and then, clean it with a dry soft microfiber cloth and allow it to dry in open air.

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