Some common items that break while moving houses

When it comes to moving houses there is always some items that we discover are broken. This is a common mistake made by many people who do not take care and pack things properly. We have also seen items broken that are of high value, close to the heart and antique. It is important to look after the important items as well as every other furniture you are packing and moving.

Professional furniture movers in Auckland are trained to handle furniture safe and secure when moving houses. Most of the house moves are smooth and safe. But the problem does not stop there because there is still unpacking to be done and that is where people should be more careful.

So, lets list a few items that break while moving houses and are very common.

Large electronics

Large electronics such as your tv, sound system, fridge, microwave, laptops etc can be one of the most common items that can break if not careful. Mostly electronic items are very delicate on the inside and outside. You may have physical damage to the item which is easily visible, or you might not see physical but internal electronics damaged.

So, pack your electronics very safely and ensure you hire some experienced house movers to help carry it for you. Electronic items are expensive so, it will hurt your pocket big time if you do not be careful enough.

Kitchen items

Kitchen is the once place where you will find the most delicate items that can break very easily. Most kitchen items such as plates, bowls, glasses, cups etc are delicate and very prone to damage.

These kitchen items need to be packed very carefully in hard cardboard boxes, bubble wrapped and covered with packing paper. Individually pack different items that do not collide together if put in the same box.

We have experienced some clients who start unpacking very quickly while still moving and tend to break the kitchen items easily. We advise you to take your time and unpack the items safely.

Flowerpots and plants

Flowerpots, plants, and gardening items are also very prone to damage due to pots being heavy and slippery. It is very easy for a pot to slip out of your hands and break. Gardening items also get damaged because we tend to care less about them and throw them around assuming they wont break easily.

These items require as much of a care as your precious items because they can also be costly to replace. It is advisable to have some sort of trays or boxes that you can fit pots in and can carry safely. If the pot is heavy and big in size, then leave it to professional movers to take care of. Do not try do it yourself as you may end up being hurt.

Frames and mirrors

Frames and mirrors can be high on the list of the most common breakable items. We see clients who do not even pack the frames or mirrors and try to move it in the back seat of their car. That is the biggest mistake clients make and end up regretting their decisions afterwards.

So, bubble wrap your frames and mirrors then place them in cardboard boxes wrapped if they could fit. Then let the house moving crew handle the items to be transported safely to your new home.

The above items are what we find the most common items that break while moving houses. Our advise is to be extra careful when packing/unpacking these items and hire professional Auckland movers to transport the items safely.