Terms and Conditions


       1. Payment

a) Strictly Cash or card on completion for ALL moves. Please note Visa and MasterCard will attract 3% processing fee.

       2. Liability

a) All goods are carried solely at “Owners Risk” as defined under the contract and Commercial law Act 2017 Section 250, Subsection (1) a. These goods are to be carried at owner’s risk. This means that the carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged, unless the carrier intentionally loses or damages them. We can tailor full transit insurance for both household and commercial movers from New Zealand’s leading transit insurance brokers and providers at no commission. Minimum insurable value starts from $10,000 inc GST up to $5 mil inc gst. Please ask for details.

b) Whilst our team of movers provide utmost care and attention to your house or property whilst moving your valuables, there remains a risk of scruffs to internal walls and stairwells especially with the larger furniture and white ware items. Whilst this risk is very low, all work carried at either loading or unloading site will be carried out at “Owners Risk” and is un-insurable.

c) Particularly note that damage caused by our vehicles to driveways, footpaths, underground pipelines, cables, sewerage and similar underground installations, and overhanging power or telephone lines are un-insurable. Should our staff be instructed by the Owner, Consignor, Consignee or Shipper, or any person acting on their behalf to drive any of our vehicles across an area where such damage is likely to occur, compliance with such instructions will not in any way involve the Company or its Insurers in responsibility for any subsequent damage which may be sustained. Such responsibility will rest solely in the hands of the Owner, Consignor, Consignee or Shipper

d) All bookings are carried out on a “best – effort” basis. Whist we try our best to make it on time for every booking, we sometimes do inevitably run delays. Our team will not be held liable for personal or business losses arising from such delays in any way.

    3. Carrier’s Lien

a) The Stress Free Movers shall have a contractual lien, both particular and general over the debtors goods and assets for all charges, costs, fees and other liabilities which are due and payable to The Stress Free Movers in relation to work carried out on behalf of the debtor. The debtor shall indemnify The Stress Free Movers upon demand for all claims by any third party for any losses resulting from The Stress Free Movers retaining possession of the debtor’s goods and assets and for all costs and expenses incurred by The Stress Free Movers in connection with such proceedings or actions, including but not limited to legal costs and enforcement costs.


a) Defaults will incur collection, legal and administrative charges for added time and resources required to resolve account. Interest rate of 25 % per annum compounding monthly will be charged.

b) We reserve the right to recover any materials used in the relocation process in the event of default. This includes, but is not limited to, any packaging materials and supplies used. We will not be held liable for any damages to property during this recovery process. The debtor will be held liable for all costs incurred in this recovery process as well as any damages to third party property which may ensue.

      5. Cancellations and Delays

a) Minimum cancellation fees of 10% will apply for all PREPAID bookings with 7 days notice.

b) Minimum cancellation fees of 25% will apply for all PREPAID bookings with less than 7 days notice. Actual cancellation fee will be determined by lateness of notice and other factors such as time and costs incurred in reserving capacity and making arrangements on our end.

c) Will make every effort to carry out your move as scheduled at the time of booking. However, delays can occur for a range of reasons including but not limited to bad weather conditions, delays in moves booked prior, mechanical breakdowns, technical issues and traffic delays. Scheduled start times cannot be guaranteed and the Stress Free Movers will not be responsible for paying any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of the delay or cancellation.


The Storer( CLIENT):

(a)  Acknowledges that the only purpose of the space provided by the Stress Free Movers to the Storer is for storing Goods. No other services are provided or responsibilities are taken by the Stress Free Movers.

(b)  Is deemed to have knowledge of the Goods in the allocated Space.

(c)  Acknowledges that the agreement does not grant the Storer a lease or interest in the space.

(d)  Warrants that they are the owner of the Goods in the allocated Space, and/or are authorized agents for the true owner/s of the Goods in the allocated Space.

(e)  Acknowledges that the Stress Free Movers has right to entry into the allocated Space at any time without notice.

(f)  Acknowledges that only the Stress Free Movers and its employees are permitted to make deliveries and removals from the allocated Space unless agreed otherwise in writing. Any requests for third party access must be made in writing by the Storer to the Stress Free Movers.

The Stress Free Movers is entitled to claim a general lien over the Goods in the allocated Space for any unpaid Fees, Costs or Expenses.


(a)The Storer is responsible for prompt payment to the Stress Free Movers of all Storage Fees and charges agreed upon at commencement.

(b)  The Storage Fee is payable in advance and it is the Storer’s responsibility to ensure that payment is made directly to the Stress Free Movers, on time, in full, throughout the period of storage. The Stress Free Movers will not send a monthly invoice to the Storer unless otherwise agreed in writing.

(c)  A Late Payment fee of $15 becomes payable each time a payment is missed.

(d)  The Storer is responsible for any Costs or Expenses incurred by the Stress Free Movers in collecting late or unpaid Storage Fees, maintaining the Goods, selling the Goods in enforcement of lien, or in enforcing this Agreement in any way, including but not limited to postal, telephone, debt collection, advertising, and/or the default action (including legal costs on client/solicitor basis) costs.

(e) The Storer acknowledges that, in the event of the Storage Fee, Cost, Expenses or any other money owing under this Agreement, not being paid in full within fourteen (14) days of the due date, the Stress Free Movers may, without further notice, enter the Space, by force or otherwise, retain the Deposit (if any) and/or sell or dispose of any Goods in the Space on such terms that the Stress Free Movers may determine. The Stress Free Movers may also require payment of default action Costs, including any Costs or Expenses associated with accessing the Storer’s Space, maintaining the Goods, and disposal or sale of the Storer’s Goods. Any excess moneys recovered by the Stress Free Movers on disposal will be returned to the Storer. In the event that the Storer cannot be located, excess moneys will be deposited with the Public Trustee or equivalent authority.


(a) No failure or delay by the Stress Free Movers to exercise its rights under the Agreement will operate to reduce those rights.

(b) The Storer agrees to indemnify the Stress Free Movers from all claims in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss or damage to the property or person injury to:

  •  third parties; and/or
  •  the true owner of the Goods stored in the allocated Space.
  •  Goods are stored at Storer’s risk and the Stress Free Movers does not provide insurance cover for Goods in the allocated space. It is the Storer’s responsibility to arrange their own insurance.


(a) Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party 7 day written notice.

(b) Upon termination, the Storer must arrange for all goods in the allocated Space to be removed and leave the Space in a clean condition and in a good state of repair satisfactory to the Stress Free Movers on the date specified.

(c)The Storer must pay any outstanding monies and any expenses on default or other monies owed to the Stress Free Movers up to the date or termination or clause 2(a) will apply.


If anything in this license agreement is unenforceable, illegal or void, then it is severed and the rest of the license agreement remains in force and effect.

      11. NOTICE

Notices will usually need to be given in writing via email or posted to the address of the Storer. The Storer may also give notices over the phone providing they are authorised to do so.