Safety Precautions to take while Moving Houses

As we all know that moving into a new house is very exciting but also not an easy task. The process of moving house is expensive and stressful both mentally as well as physically. Safety plays a big role when moving houses and that is why professional Auckland movers are well trained to carry out moving tasks safely.

If you are not taking proper safety precautions for your moving day, then it could be dangerous for you. Moving house can be risky if you do not have proper knowledge of lifting heavy furniture. Here are some safety precautions that will help you to move safely into your new house.


Use good quality of boxes

Always use good quality of boxes to avoid any kind of mis-happening or injury. Make sure your boxes are strong enough to carry the weight of items those are packed inside.

Pack your stuff according to your capacity of picking up the box and if you are not sure about the weight of box, try lifting it. Make sure you should be able to lift it up without any problem and should be steady on your feet. Wrap your boxes properly and safely.


Use moving dolly and furniture trolley

If you are not hiring any professional moving company to move your house stuff then, always use proper moving equipment such as moving dolly and furniture trolley.

You can hire or buy a moving dolly or furniture trolley that will make your move safe and easy. Do not try and pick up heavy furniture on your own.


Use Lifting Techniques

Make sure you lift the heavy furniture and boxes with extra care to prevent any kind of strain or injuries. Always maintain your back straight while carrying large things and bend your knees properly instead of your back.

To safely lift and move something around keep your shoulders level facing the same direction as your hips. Always turn by moving your feet and do not twist when lifting heavy. Keep your head up, look ahead not down at the load when moving.


Keep the general safety rules below in your mind

  • Do not wear loose clothing that could get stuck and twisted while you move
  • Make sure you move while it is dry because moving on wet floors with heavy boxes can be very dangerous.
  • Keep your pets and kids away while you move.
  • Keep hydrated
  • Move in daylight hours for better visibility


Moving safety tools

Ensure you have some moving tools by your side when moving heavy stuff. Get some gloves to cover your fingers, avoiding splinters and better for gripping boxes.

Good safety shoes will be handy when moving heavy things around. You could get away with sneakers but having steal toe shoes can protect against heavy things falling on your feet.

We have spoken about moving dolly and furniture trolley that can make your moving job an easy task.


Hallways and pathways to be kept clear

Have your walkways, pathways and hallways clear of any obstructions. The last thing you want is tripping over while carrying heavy boxes and hurting yourself badly.

As well as keeping the inside areas of the house clear of any obstructions you should also keep the outside area clear. The outside areas can have lots of obstructions such as shrubs and branches getting it the way.


Hire professional movers

Lastly it is always best to hire some professional moving company that will take care of it all. Movers are given training on all these aspects and will carry your items safely to your new home.

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