Negatives and positives of house moving

Unfortunately we are still in level 4 lock-down in Auckland and Auckland movers are waiting for the decision of our prime minister on 20/09/2021. As soon as we get to level 3 our team will be on board ready to get moving again and help our lovely customers waiting patiently to move their furniture. While we wait the decision, let us have a look at some of the negatives and positives of house moving.

House moving is not an easy task as we all know how hard packing up all your stuff and moving to a new place is. As normal human beings we like to be comfortable in our own homes and enjoy the daily life, but when it comes to leaving your old home for a new one then we get stressed and things change. We get mixed feelings of leaving memories behind and creating new ones at the new house.

Everyone feels the excitement of moving to a new house and especially the little children get more excited with something new to look forward to. But our older generation can be reluctant to such change and as most of their life is spent in that old house with thousands of memories they refuse to move to a new place. In saying that there maybe some people who still move and are happy to do so.

Let’s discuss the negatives and positives of moving houses

Negatives of house moving

Leaving memories and friends behind – One of the biggest loss in leaving a house that you, your parents, grandparents may have stayed in for a long time is the memories you would have created. It is also very sad when you have to say goodbye to your friends and family that live near you.

You may have got along with all your neighbors, had so many loyal friends, colleagues and close by family, all this must be left behind, and you must start all over again from the beginning. Also, your kids who will have to leave their schools behind and start all over at a new school with new friends to be made. This can be very stressful for you and your children.

Cost of moving – The moving cost involved from one house to another especially across countries, states and towns can be very high. There no way you will be able to move houses with very low cost or for free as that is not possible at all.

Even if you don’t hire any house movers or packers or cleaners and do it all by yourself, there will still be cost involved for hiring a moving van or a truck, cleaning products, packing boxes and other things to help you move. And not to mention the setup at the new house with new spaces to fill and buy new things to decorate the place. Cost is major and this can be stressful if running under a budget.

Positives of house moving

A fresh new beginning – The exciting feeling you get when you have finally got the house you wanted and have the keys in your hands is amazing. The bubble of happiness explodes as you look forward to moving to your new place and putting your feet up and relaxing knowing that you have accomplished something.

The feeling is even better when you move to a house that you have had built for yourself and with all the amenities you wanted and you just cant wait to get to the house and make full use of all that you dreamed off.

New opportunities – A bucket full of opportunities opens when moving to new place with better employment opportunities, better schooling for your kids, recreational activities, new friends to be made, restaurants to try, etc.

Especially when you move from a smaller town to bigger city lot of opportunities arise and you have all the time to take advantage of these opportunities which you may never have had the chance to do so before.

Even though moving to a new house is stressful as known worldwide, it is best to look forward to your new house and the opportunities you will get. Make the most of your new home.

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