Moving Houses in Winter 2023

As we all know that moving into a new house is a very joyful moment, but it is also full of stress. Moving house is always a stressful task in every season, especially in winter. Weather in winter can be very bad at any time of the day so we should be prepared in advance.

Moving house during winter can be one of the most difficult tasks as well as much more preparation than usual. Here are some tips that can help you move into a new home easily this winter or simply hire furniture movers in Auckland for a stress free move:

Search for weather the day you are moving.

First, find out the day you plan to move into the new house. If the weather on that day shows rain or other bad conditions, try to find another one that is less likely to be bad. During a rainy day, driving is very difficult as well as loading and unloading your belongings into the truck.

As we know that the winter days are very short, and we expect the sunset around 5:30 p.m. so, it’s best to start your move early during the daylight hours.

Wrap your items before packing.

First, wrap all your belongings well with blankets or other packaging materials to prevent any damage. And make sure you wrap the items with waterproof packaging so that it doesn’t ruin your electronics and valuable items.

It is better to wrap your fragile items twice to protect them. Try to get some boxes or containers that won’t get wet from rain or frost. Always label the box so you don’t get confused when opening the boxes in your new home.

Pack your essentials in a different box.

When you are moving into a new house, it’s very difficult to unpack all your boxes on the first day. So, it is better that you pack tea, coffee, snacks, some utensils, blankets, socks, indoor slippers, hot water bottle or other things according to your need in a separate box that makes you comfy and cosy.

Dress well for the weather

On your moving day you are most likely to spend your time outside the house. So, it is better to wear warm clothes that makes you comfortable and allow you to move easily while working.

If there is a chance of rain on the day of your move, don’t forget to take your rain or waterproof coat and shoes. Footwear should be comfortable and warm with anti-soles if possible.

Protect your Floor.

If you are planning to move on a rainy day, it is very normal for the shoes to get wet and muddy. You should take extra care to protect your indoor carpets and floors from mud and water etc.

It is great idea to cover carpets and floors in your new home with tarpaulins for protection. Take extra care when you are laying down some tarps on the carpets and floor. Ensure your safety and don’t create uneven and slippery surfaces.

If you notice any mud or other stains on the floor during your move you should immediately set aside a mop, brush, spray bottle, carpet cleaner, clean cloth, or any other necessary materials to clean the floors.

Hire a professional house moving company.

It is better to hire a professional house moving company for your moving day to have a hassle-free day. Professional removal companies have the experience to handle heavy furniture and other items properly and safely.

By hiring professionals, you can move your belongings quickly and safely. It can reduce your stress and prevent the risk of slipping and getting injured while lifting and moving heavy objects.