Moving houses in 2023

It is good to have things back to normal after a few years in pandemic and now moving houses in 2023 can also return to full normal operation. The world has opened, and travel is also back on. People are on the move doing the things they wanted and few covid cases here and there will not hold them back. It is a relief for all of us and 2023 looks to be a year full of adventures.

As for our moving company  in Auckland things are also looking bright. There are no restrictions now holding us back and we are ready to get people moving to their new locations. 2022 was a busy year for us Auckland movers and 2023 looks to be one as well. Whether you are moving rentals, moving to a new home, moving to another city, moving offices, or moving in with someone we have you covered.


Let us list below a few tips for moving houses in 2023


1. Book early

To avoid any upsets on last minute bookings it is advisable that you plan and make bookings in advance. Moving companies can be booked out 2-3 weeks and it can be hard to get the date you want.

Booking early can also save you a few dollars. It will also save you some stress and give you more time to focus on other things you need getting sorted.


2. Pick the right day

Moving houses generally is a very stress-full task but picking the right day and time can make things a bit easier. You could pick a nice bright day and select the right time where traffic is minimal. This will speed up the process and you can save time.

Moving in winter compared to summer is much more hectic as the days are short and weather is not that great. Nothing beats a nice long summer day for moving houses. You could finish in time and crack open a cold one while you enjoy the sunset.


3. Plan the route

It may seem like extra work but planning the route to your new home can save you some hassle on the day of the move. Planning it in advance can help reduce the risk of getting stuck in traffic, going the wrong way, wasting time, and simply getting stressed.

A little extra work will have things flowing very smooth on the day you move houses. Let us not make things harder when a good plan in place can help.


4. Book the right moving company

We hate to say this but booking the wrong moving company can turn things upside down. You could be all well planned and ready to go but your moving company does not turn up? So, we think it only makes sense to book movers in Auckland that are professional and have a good reputation with excellent reviews.

We wish you all a happy new year and hope you had wonderful Christmas. 2023 looks like a good year so far and we hope things tick along just like normal. Let us put the pandemic in the past and focus on new year new goals. Go out travel the world and be safe.

We wish you all the very best for the year 2023 and keep supporting us the way you have. The team here at Stress Free Movers is looking forward to serving you as the best movers in Auckland.