Moving houses during the lockdown

Unfortunately, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has made the hard decision of putting NZ in a level 4 covid lock down. This decision has been made after a case was identified in Auckland on 17/08/2021. The case was assumed to be of the delta variant that we have seen across the world and was confirmed to be delta and further positive cases have been identified within in Auckland.

Check out the government covid 19 website for further information regarding the level 4 lockdown. New Zealanders have done it before and stamped out the virus for a long time and now it is time for us to unite and do it once again hard and fast. These lockdowns are not convenient and compared to the world we have been lucky to have it stamped out before and can do so now.

For moving houses during level 4 is not on the cards and our team of Auckland Movers will follow the set guidelines laid by the government and together with fellow kiwis help stamp out the virus, so we can get back on track and help move houses and furniture in Auckland sooner than later.

For us to keep safe let us follow the guidelines and comply with the rules as stated below by the government.

Wear a face covering – Cover your face by wearing a mask when ever you are out in the public. Under level 4 you can still visit essential places such as the supermarket and you should take precaution and wear a mask to protect yourself and others around you.

Scan anywhere you visit – It is important to scan QR codes where you go, and turn your Bluetooth tracing on, so that health services can reach you quickly if you have been to a place of interest and help stop the possible spread of covid.

Stay home if you are sick – If you are sick or have any flu like systems it is important to stay home and only drive out to get tested to see if you are covid free. Isolate yourself if you feel sick as quickly as possible.

Wash your hands – Keep washing your hands often especially if you have been out of the house for any recreation activity or to the supermarket. Wash for a minimum 20 seconds with soap and then dry.

Cough/sneeze into your elbow – This helps keep the virus of your hands and will help not to spread it to others.

Clean surfaces – Regular cleaning of surfaces that get touched frequently is also good to kill the virus protective bubble. For example, going to the supermarket clean the trolley handle that is touched frequently.

Maintain physical distancing – Keep a minimum of 2 metre distance from people at all time when you are outside of your premises.

Overall stay home and be withing your bubbles. Also make sure to check up on your close ones to ensure everyone is doing ok. The times are tough, but we can all get through it as we have before.

Our team of Auckland Movers are looking forward to providing you with our services once the lockdown has levelled down, until then keep safe and don’t stress.

Make your next move a stress free one, with Stress Free Movers in Auckland.