Moving furniture in the rain?

The weather not looking so pleasant for your moving day can make you double think of changing your plans. Anyone who has moved in wet weather knows that it is very difficult and stressful. Rain makes for slippery surfaces and moving furniture under the rain is a tough task even for the professional movers in Auckland. Moving furniture on a rainy day is a challenge for everyone and there is increased risk of accident and injuries.

You must be extra careful especially with items that can be damaged by water. It is very easy to slip and fall on slippery surfaces. Especially when you are carrying something and cannot see down to the ground.

5 Tips on how to move your furniture safely in the rain.

  1. Wrap your packed furniture

Once you pack up your boxes ensure to wrap it with glad paper. This will make sure the box does not get wet in the bad weather and your items are safe inside. You should aim your best to waterproof your furniture if weather outlook is looking rough on the day of your move.

Look after your large furniture by wrapping it around with thick covers to provide protection against moisture. All furniture items should be covered from all sides properly. After wrapping it with thick cover wrap it with plastic stretch wrap to secure the covering in place. This will provide good barrier against water.

  1. Safety is important

It is important to protect yourself when moving in wet weather conditions. Get some flexible rain gear to keep yourself dry and comfortable. Don’t forget to have waterproof shoes on and ensure they have anti-slip soles to reduce the risk of you slipping and falling.

You don’t want to be careless and hurt your self on the day of your house move. You will later regret that you should have taken safety precautions prior to the move.

  1. Check the weather map

Check the weather a week out from your moving day to ensure you are ready for the wet weather if it is forecasted. You will have to be ready for the wet weather in advance to ensure a safe move. Delaying your house moving will be heavy on your budget and you might not be able to because of settlements of the old and new house that have been locked in.

But if you are flexible and can get away with pushing your moving date out to the next week than do so. It is much better to move on a dry sunny day.

  1. Try to stay under the shelter

You should stay under the shelter as much as possible when moving on a rainy day. Have your moving boxes placed in the garage and get the truck backed up as close as possible to ensure minimum time is spent in the rain. It can be great if you can cover the area from garage to the truck.

  1. Map out the safest route to your new home

You should map out the safest route to your new home in advance. Avoid areas that are prone to high user traffic. Ensure the route is via proper road and not a muddy track that can turn things ugly. If you’re using a moving company, make sure to provide them the safest route to have your furniture moved safely.

It always helps to hire a furniture moving company that can take care off all your stress on such an awful day. The movers are experienced in such environments and can move furniture safely. Book the best furniture movers in Auckland.