Making the most out of your self-storage unit

Most kiwis use storage units to store items they have for either longer term or shorter term when they are moving somewhere. Storage units are great, but you do have to pay for it. So, make sure you are using your storage unit to the best of its capacity.

Either you are moving nationally or internationally, storage units can be your best solution if you don’t have space or simply run out of space. Storage units come in different sizes and available for hire across Auckland. Furniture movers in Auckland sometimes also offer storage services and come in very handy.

Below is a list of things to ensure you make the most out of your self-storage unit.

Select the right furniture to store away

Especially when you are moving houses you need to make sure you are only storing away furniture that you will use in the future. There is no point storing something that you will not use, and it is better to get rid of such items prior to storage.

A garage sale can come in handy for making some extra cash. Also, that cash can help pay for some of your storage hire.

Pack it in strong boxes

When you want to make use of the space you hire it is better to pack your items accordingly. Packing into strong stackable boxes can help you store lots more. Also, will save you a lot of time and effort when moving out the items from the storage unit.

You can get good packing boxes from some of the furniture moving companies. Also, stack-able storage containers can be useful, and they are more durable than cardboard boxes.

This tip will defiantly help you prevent any damage to your items.

Plan out the space

Plan your storage space as per the items you want to store. Having a good layout can make it simpler and later you can find items easily.

Ensure you plan the items you will need most to the front of the store and least needed items in the back. Also, heavy items labelled and placed in separate corner.

Use the space wisely and can help you save a lot. You may find that you only need 1 storage container that can accommodate all your items if you plan correctly.

Measure your items

Having a good idea of the storage space you would require storing all your items is key to deciding the size of the storage unit you will need. So, measure up your item’s length and height wise to get some idea on the storage size.

Keep the walkway free

Have a walkway in the storage unit for ease of access. When planning out the space ensure you keep space to get to the items when needed. Even when you plan properly and place items in order of most needed you still might find the need to get to some items. So, having a walkway can be very helpful.

Store with your moving company

When it comes to moving houses, you should find a furniture moving company that has storage available. This makes things so much easier because you are dealing with one company direct.

You can always update the moving company on your plans and have storage accessible when you need it. When it comes to moving day the movers can easily load up from the storage unit and shift it to your new home.

We hope the above tips come in handy when you next think about storing your items in the storage unit. Auckland storage is Widely available and reasonably priced.