Long term storage options when travelling

Whether it’s travelling overseas for a long-term vacation, work, school, university there are many reasons to be away from home.

We all love to travel and there comes a time when you need to think about storage for things you need to leave behind. While you are on vacation you do not want to be worrying about things back home and have the thought of things being stolen etc. You want to be able to enjoy your vacation and be stress free.

Long term storage options are widely available across Auckland. Do some research on storage facilities near you and store away the important items before you travel.

Below we will provide some tips on storing valuable items safely

  • Storing jewellery

The most expensive and valuable items that most of us have is jewellery. If you can not take the jewellery along with you then you need to think of a safe storage place for it. It maybe optional to leave it with a friend/family member that you can fully trust.

If that is not an option, then it is best to hire a safe in a vault where you can store all your jewellery and come back to retrieve it. This way you can travel stress free without a worry.


  • Storing vehicles

If you own a house with garage and all your cars fit in, then no worries. If you do not have space, are renting away, etc then you need to look at some options.

First thing to point out would be to have full insurance of the car in case unexpected happens. You could also store with a friend or family member if they have space for it.

Other options could be to rent out a car park if you can afford it. Sell the car and come back buy a new one. If you drive commercial vehicle, then consider renting it out. Lastly you can hire a storage space for the car near you.


  • Storing away furniture

You might be looking at renting your house out or selling it and need to think about storage options for your furniture. It is best then to store your furniture at a storage place that is safe and secure.

Some furniture movers in Auckland offer storage facilities as well and this works out well as they can help you move as well as store the furniture. So, when you return you only need to get in touch with 1 person to have your storage moved back to your home.


  • Storing away electronics

Electronic items such as your Tv, sound systems, computers, laptops, etc need to be safely packed and stored away. These items can be stored away in the garage, friends place, family or at a storage facility.

Important to note when you store away a fridge for a long time and then move it back to its place you can not turn it back on straight away. It will need to sit still for a few hours before you can turn it on.

There could be other things you want to store away that are not mentioned above. But it is simple to follow the same process and research where you could store those items. The important thing to note is to have insurance on your valuable items.

This may require some researching and planning in order to store away all-important items away before you leave. Do not forget to book the best furniture movers in Auckland for your next house move.