Keeping your valuables safe during house moving

Moving houses is no simple task and can be very stressful. Amongst other things packing and moving your valuables safely to your new home should be of high priority. Simply no one can afford to have their valuables misplaced, damaged, or lost during a house move. So, hiring a reliable Auckland movers team can ensure your valuables are moved safely.


A few important valuables listed below that you should consider on your next move.


Your Important Documentation

Documents like birth certificates, passports, and tax records etc are all vital to keep track of during a move. Moving documentation like this is very worrisome since sensitive personal information is at risk if the item is lost in a move.

We strongly suggest that you keep these documents together safe with yourself during a move or with someone you can trust fully. Consider purchasing a locking document bag or box to keep all your valuable documents safe in one spot if sending it away with a moving company that you trust.

Antique collection

Antique collection such as paintings, decorative peace’s, photo frames, and other items that are antique should be carefully transported to the new house. These items should be carefully wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and then packed into suitable size boxes.

Such antique items can be valuable or be very close to the heart and require special care. Get a professional moving company to take care of your antiques and have them moved safely to your next location.

Electronic Devices

Moving electronic devices like washing machines, desktop computers, and televisions can be a hassle. These types of items are very large, usually heavy, and are difficult to move/easily breakable if not handled properly. Using a reliable and experienced moving company in Auckland can make this task easy and stress-free. Consider hiring a company that can pack the items safely and move it safely without damage being caused.

At least 24 hours before the move we recommend unplugging all electronic devices so they can cool down before being handled. Another important thing to note with the moving of your fridge to new house is that you should not turn it on until at least 6hrs after the placement.


It’s ideal to keep your jewellery with you while moving to avoid precious items getting lost in the truck or damaged in handling. Consider purchasing a jewellery roll if you have a smaller jewellery collection to keep all items safe.

For bigger collections, to prevent necklace tangles, gold getting scratched, etc. we recommend that you wrap each item individually with some hand towel paper or tissue and then seal into sandwich baggies. This way you can label each item and keep things safe while organized.

Take Inventory

It’s easy to lose track of things during a move, and it can take a while to unpack and find everything again on the other end. When it comes to valuables, this can be a problem.

Make a list of valuables ahead of time (get them appraised) and take some detailed photographs so you have proof of ownership. If something is lost, stolen, or broken, you’ll need these pictures for insurance purposes.

Make a simple spreadsheet with columns for the name of the object, the box number, when and how it’s getting moved, its condition upon arrival, and more.

The above are some ways to keep your valuables safe while moving houses. Don’t forget to book your best furniture movers in Auckland and make your next move a stress free one.