Keep Moving

So, we are week 2 of Alert Level 3, in the midst of Covid-19.

First of all, I just want to mention how great it is to be back and also how thankful we are to have received such positive feedback from our customers who we have been able to move since the commencement of level 3. Your support has meant a lot to us through these hard times, as we know there have been many businesses that sadly, have had to close their doors. So we are very grateful that we have been able to stay afloat during the lock down and are now back in business.

We have been very fortunate to have such an awesome team of movers in Auckland behind us who have worked tirelessly in the days before the Level 4 Lockdown and in the days since Level 3. We have had some new additions to our moving team as well as a new member of our admin staff to keep up with the influx of inquiries. We have been carrying out these jobs with the mindset of knowing that the numbers of new cases of Covid-19 are low, but we can’t be complacent.

We, as a team, are ensuring that while we are on the job, we are using hand sanitiser regularly, wearing gloves and face masks, as well as keeping our distance from our customers. Not only for the safety of our customers, but the safety of our team also, as they have families to go home to at the end of the day and we need to keep them safe.

Our storage units have been operational for a little while now and have been proving to be a great success as they can be moved around the warehouse ensuring an easier transition for moving in new items as we can place the unit right at the door for easy loading and unloading.

Moving forward, we just wanted to keep you all updated on how things are progressing. With our fantastic team, your support and by spreading the word about the “Auckland Movers that take the stress out of moving”, we can do anything. Our aim is to become Auckland’s Top Movers and with your continued support and our quality service, we know we can achieve this.