House Moving in Auckland During Level 3 Lock Down

Can you move houses during level 3 lockdown in Auckland? Yes, our movers in Auckland have been on board since we moved to level 3 lockdown on 22 September and we are committed to providing you with the best house moving services under level 3 restrictions with safety on our minds.

We are following the guidelines provided by the government for moving houses in alert level 3. It is important that our team carry out the house moving under the guidelines and it will ensure the safety of our staff and the customer/client.

You can book a professional house moving company who will take care of your move from start to finish safely and follow correct procedures. The team at Stress Free Movers in Auckland is trained and experienced in providing quality service safely in such alert level conditions and we have done this in the past.

If you are looking to move your furniture yourself then please ensure to carry correct documents with you if stopped by authorities. The documents should clearly state that you are moving house permanently. You can document such as tenancy or sales agreement or any proof of address.

While you carry out the move you need to ensure that the people that are helping you are within your bubble. Friends and whanau cannot help you move your house furniture in level 3 restrictions, unless they are already part of the same bubble. So, if you are alone and unable to carry your furniture, then it makes sense to book a house moving company that can help take care of your house moving for you.

As our Auckland movers team operate under these restrictions, we will be equipped with face masks, hand sanitizer and gloves on every single furniture removals transport. The team is aware of this and will be following the correct procedures.

Also, very important when our movers do come to move your furniture that they do not come into contact with someone who is unwell or has any symptoms that are covid like. So, please do let the movers team know that you or someone in your family is unwell and the team will reschedule the move at a later time when practical at no extra cost. This will ensure safety of our team and you as the customer.

Covid-19 has changed quite a lot of things around us and changed the way we see life in the near future. The world is coming to terms now that Covid will be around us and we will have to move on and live with it. Perhaps vaccination will become key to building up the immune system to fight the virus. New Zealand has come out of the Covid situation before and will do so sooner or later.

Restrictions are being eased by the government as we see a rise in our vaccination rates and we hope to move into lower alert levels sooner, so that we can get back to our normal life and meet with our family and friends. It seems to be dragging on but we will get there and get through it together.

From the team at Stress Free Movers in Auckland we thank you for trusting us and choosing us as your house/office movers. We look forward to helping you move and make sure that your move is a stress free one.