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Frequently Asked Questions.

Fridays and Saturdays are busier days of the week. Therefore, it would be best to book in advance.

If booking a week prior to your move, we may have spots available but cannot guarantee that you would get the time/day slot you require. We advise booking as soon as possible to ensure you get the first pick. Bes

Yes, Of course!

We understand and appreciate that it can be a very frustrating and stressful time when it comes to moving. So want to put your mind at ease. We treat each job as seriously as we would if we were moving for ourselves or our families, with the utmost care and respect.

Yes, Absolutely!

If you do require any assembly/disassembly, please let us know at the time of booking. We have no problem in doing this for you, we just have to make sure that we have allowed enough time to do so. This is to ensure that we complete your move to your satisfaction. In addition to not exceeding the allotted time for the job as we may have another job straight after yours.

No, this does not incur an extra cost. However, please advise us of any access issues, such as stairs, at the time of booking. This is so that we can allow for extra time as it will take a little longer to be able to complete the job. Given stairs can make the job harder to complete, let us know how many stairs/flights of stairs as we may need to charge extra depending on how many there are/how big the job is/any oversized items. eg. 3rd level with no lift etc.

Rest assured, we have specialized equipment for fragile items such as televisions. We have thick blankets specifically made for these types of jobs. This is to ensure that once the item is tightly wrapped, it is safe from damage throughout the moving process.

The most affordable days to book are Monday to Wednesday. Thursday to Saturday has a higher rate as they generally the first spots to be filled. We don’t operate on Sundays unless arranged under special circumstances.

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When you book with us, we will send you a confirmation email with any information you’ll need for the move.

The best way to save time/money would be to make sure that everything is packed into boxes prior to the move.

We can supply our reusable boxes and packing services at an extra cost. This would be suitable if you think that it would make the process easier or if you are concerned that you won’t have enough time etc.

It depends on which type of fridge/freezer you have.

The best way to find out would be to ask upon the time of booking. This is so that you know ahead of time whether you can keep it full or whether you will need to remove the items inside.

As stated above with the fridge/freezer, the best solution would be to ask upon the time of booking. Although, it would make the process easier if items have been removed from drawers and cabinets as you wouldn’t have to worry about anything falling out of a drawer and it wouldn’t be as heavy when transporting.

This can occur when a client has bought and sold a house in which the transfers take place on the same day at the same time. 95% of the time this will happen on a Friday. They are a frustrating problem because if we arrive too early or if we overestimate the loading time then we will be at the delivery address with no keys to access the property.

This results in a customer being charged for their removalists to wait out the front of a house and not be working. On the flip side if we arrive too late or we have under judged the loading time, and are still loading at the pick-up address when the new owners arrive with their removalist (whom they’re paying) then we are costing them money while their removalists stand around doing nothing.

Our solution for this will vary depending on job size. For Small half-day jobs we suggest that you ring the agent that sold your house, ask the agent to ring the people that purchased their house and ask when they intend to move in, as they may not want to move in until late afternoon or the Saturday due to work reasons if this is the case then problem solved. If not, we have to look at starting mid-morning.

We have to know what date you’re moving in order to know what we can offer. For large 3/4 to all-day jobs, it is not much of a problem unless the agent has told you that the keys will not be available until late afternoon, e.g. 1.30 onwards. The plan here is to start in the morning and by the time we get the furniture and household effects– the keys should be available.

Yes, they will, but sometimes it is recommended to put them in one or two central locations within the house, the idea behind this is that when the truck is fully unloaded it reduces the clutter throughout the house. This allows you to move more freely when unpacking everything. If there are too many boxes distributed into the rooms it may force the guys to double handle the boxes in order to place furniture where it belongs.

People change their minds all the time as to where they want the furniture to stay. If they have, for example, intended to put a bed in a particular corner of a room, then we would stack all the boxes in the other corner – then if the client changes their mind as to the bed’s location then we have to move all the boxes again.

It is no problem for us, but it adds unnecessary time making it cost more. It also can make it hard to unpack boxes into drawers, wardrobes, and wall furniture. What we suggest is to pick a location on each side of the house and distribute all the boxes to the end that is closest to its actual spot, especially when dealing with a 2 storey house, put upstairs boxes up and down stairs boxes down.

That won’t be a problem.
Our team is used to working in wet conditions and we bring equipment with us in case this happens.

There is a famous saying “The bitterness of poor service lingers long after the sweet taste of a cheap price!”


Frequently Asked Questions.

As long as you need, but we only offer transitional storage.

This would be dependent on the amount of space needed. Prices start at $95 + GST per month.

Yes, of course!

Our warehouse has 24/7 CCTV operating as well as an alarm system. Our main gate is always locked at night. Access by the public is by appointment only but they have no access to your storage.

We don’t charge but appointment needs to be arranged prior.

No, we only accept monthly payments.

Not at this stage. If you do choose to prepay for 2 months or more, you will be paying at a lesser monthly rate.

The best thing would be to let us know as soon as possible. This is so that we are able to book our moving services for when you prefer to move. Then we will send you a quote for the cost of moving.

Simple as that.


Frequently Asked Questions.

It depends on how many bedrooms and the type of cleaning you require.

Yes, we do, but this is at an additional cost of $80 + GST.

Of course! For this to happen, we would need to book your move for a little later in the day, or we could get the cleaning done the day previous to your move. Best Auckland Movers

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