Covid-19 update

Unite Against Covid 19

To our Awesome Customers,

As you are all aware by now, we are currently are in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Firstly, we hope that you are all safe and well. It’s very easy to become complacent as the days go by but its important that we all stay home, stay strong, stay safe and look out for each other, especially our essential workers who are doing a fantastic job to ensure we can all survive.

I would just like to mention that we are still available for you all to make bookings. Although, at this time we are unsure as to when this lockdown will be lifted, we currently have pending removals that we were unable to complete prior to lockdown so they will be first priority for when we are back up and running.

Please contact us as early as possible if you require our services after the lockdown, so we can save a slot for you as these will fill up fast.

Once the lockdown is lifted we will contact our customers to book the slots accordingly.

On another note, we have some exciting news!

Our Storage Facilities are ready for action! Despite not being able to operate, it has given us time to set up our storage units.

We have transitional storage available, which is just another service we now offer to make your move even easier! We do it all for you.

We PACK. We MOVE. We STORE and We DELIVER…….without having to lift a finger.

To find out more either scroll down our ‘Home Page’ or flick us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Although, we are all going through difficult times at the moment, this is temporary and we will all rise from this.

Do the things you never have time to do!!!

Kia Kaha

RJ & the team…….