7 Common things you forget when moving houses

Moving houses is stressful and there are things people forget when moving houses, so what are those things? How can we best plan and manage such disruptions before the day of the move. Settling for a house, signing legal documents, arranging utilities, and packing up are some of the most important things amongst moving houses.

You will be very busy prior to your move and will forget or overlook things. It can cost you time leaving you to speed through things to try and stay on track. So, make sure you are well prepared for the move.

So, what are the common things people forget when moving houses?

#1 – Leaving things in the Garden

Sometimes we forget to pack up our items that are in the garden that we use on daily or weekly basis. Such as water nozzles, hoses, watering jugs, flowerpots, gardening tools etc. These items should be removed from the garden and packed up prior to the move.

#2 – Forgetting to organise care for your Child or Pet

In the rush of things while you organise everything prior to your move, we tend to forget who will look after the kids and pets. This is simple to organise and can be done weeks or days before the moving of the house.

#3 – Booking furniture moving company

Organising and packing everything but don’t have your furniture movers booked? This is probably the most important as furniture moving companies are busy and booked out if you try book in to close to the moving date. So, this is something that needs to be booked well in advance.

#4 – Forgetting things like cords, charges, cables!

It is easy to forget items such as cords, charges, and cables as these can be left plugged in to the walls. Also, you could simply forget to remove these if you leave it to the last minute when you are rushing through things. Simply pack them when you pack away your electronics such as TV, Projectors, Sound systems etc.

#5 – Booking cleaners for the old and new house

It is important to book cleaners in advance as well so, that your house can be cleaned once you have moved and ready for new owners to settle in. The cleaners can also be booked for your new home that you are moving to so, that you can save time and ensure the property is spotless for you to move in to.

#6 – Change of address

To ensure that you do not miss any letters, bills or important documents coming to your mailbox you should notify concerned parties of change of address. This can be done week before the move and make sure on the last day of your move that you check and clear your mailbox.

#7 – Picking up the keys for your new house

This has happened a few times that people are overwhelmed with the house moving and forget to pick up the keys for the new house. Either the keys are picked up and put somewhere where people can’t find it, or simply not picked up from the real estate agent in the first place. Set up a reminder on your phone to make sure you have your keys with you on the day of your house moving.

The above 7 items have been noticed and can cause delays in your moving process. Booking a moving company that provides moving services, storage services and packing services can make your move much easier and stress free. Book our Auckland movers today to ensure a stress free move.