6 Tips for Decorating Your Home This Christmas

December is the month of Christmas which is full of excitement, joy, and happiness. We know your waiting for this festive season and cannot wait to spend time with your family and friends. Christmas is full of fun and there are many things in our minds like gifts, dinner, decorations etc.

When it comes to the Christmas decorations, everyone starts thinking in their own ways. It becomes easier and more fun when every member of the family contributes and helps in the decoration.

Let us list a few tips on decorating your home this Christmas.

1. Sort old decoration items

Before you begin, first sort your old decorations that you would have put aside last year. Once sorted make a plan to use those decorations for this year’s events.

The re-using of old ornaments will not only save you money in fact this will reduce the impact of waste production as well as reduce the carbon emission. Let us think green for our future generations.

2. Decorate your Christmas tree

Christmas tree is the charm of Christmas. Decorating a Christmas tree is the most important and full of fun moment. According to your room space and ceiling height, make sure you choose the right size Christmas tree.

You can choose a real tree or artificial tree, it’s up to you. You can decorate your tree with lights, ornaments, garlands, etc. The color of decorating ornaments could be red, blue, golden, silver metallic balls or stars to match the Christmas theme.

Don’t forget to add a star on the top of tree as a tree topper. You can also add some fake snow to your tree.

3. Add some gifts for decoration

Try to get some different size of boxes and wrap them with the Christmas gift wrapping papers. The gifts are the most simple and elegant way to decorate. Whether you are filling the boxes with gifts or leaving them empty, it’s up to you.

These gift boxes add an elegant look to your home. Once you wrap the boxes, put them aside near the Christmas tree.

4. Fireplace and mantel

Fireplace makes the room warm and cosy. Fireplace is the main place where you can spend such a good time with your family and friends. If you have a fir place in your home, then it can be decorated to give you a bit more of a winter Christmas feel.

You can decorate fireplace and mantel by picking up the traditional theme. You can hang some Christmas stockings and garlands upon the fireplace.

5. Decorate windows and doors

If you have a big window in your sitting room then, you can decorate your window as well. You can add some lights and some stars onto the window which can glow in the night. Make it look good from outside as well.

You can decorate your main entrance door and table with the Christmas Wreath and garlands. You can use the traditional colours such red, green, and white. You can also make a DIY wreath and garlands which will add the elegance to your theme.

6. Use of Ribbons

Using ribbons for your decoration is also the simple and stylish way to give some glamourous look to your home. You can match the ribbons according to your colour scheme.

You can use those ribbons to decorate your Christmas tree, Wreath, ornaments, gifts, and other creative places in your home. You can also use red, green, and white ribbons and stockings to decorate your stairs and rails.

Let’s get decorating and be ready for a joyful Christmas this year with our family and friends. Don’t forget to book your best furniture movers in Auckland for any house moving in Auckland.