5 Tips on Sorting out rubbish when moving houses

Moving houses is no easy task and sometimes we need to make difficult decisions to relocate. We all know moving houses is one of the most stressful days in anyone’s life.

There is also lot of rubbish that gets built up when preparing to move houses. This is because you have so many things stored over the years and now you will need to make decisions on what to keep and what to leave.

But on the bright side it gives you a good chance to clean up and start fresh. So, do not stress yourself over the mess that you will have to sort out. Look forward to a fresh new beginning after doing some hard work.


Let’s list down a few tips to sort out your rubbish when moving houses.


1. Identify items that need to be dumped

Before you begin to select items that will go into the rubbish make sure you think before you throw it away. Because sometimes in a rush we tend to throw away some useful items that could have come in handy for the next house.

Prepare a list of items that you need to throw away and a list for things you would like to keep. Things you might want to consider throwing away could be old clothing, broken furniture, old shoes, furniture that no longer can be repaired, kids’ toys that are no long in use and old, appliances that are broken etc.

Items that you may want to keep could be old, stored furniture that you never thought existed, furniture that can be repaired, antiques that were hidden away, etc.


2. Sort out rubbish by area

Select areas you will want to start with for rubbish that is easy to remove. You could start with the garden shed and get rid of unwanted items. Then move onto garage, and so on.

Make a good plan and mark out the areas you want to declutter. The earlier you start is better and you can have items ready for removal on the rubbish day.


3. Select the right day for rubbish removal

If you plan ahead of time, then most of your rubbish can be sorted out and ready for removal. Select a day for rubbish that gives you enough time to de clutter.

It is best to have all the rubbish removed in one go and that will cost you less. Also timing wise it would work out better.

Look out for weather when selecting the right day as that can make a big difference. You don’t want to be putting out rubbish on a wet rainy day.


4. Hire a big rubbish bin

For large rubbish removals it is best to hire a big rubbish bin. You can hire it for weeks and throw your rubbish in it as you de clutter each area. This looks to be the best approach especially for large items that need to be dumped.

Hiring a bin is easy and most rubbish removal companies will offer pick up/drop off facility.


5. Get friends/family to help

It can be a daunting task to de clutter your house. So, speak up and get some helpful hands-on deck to help with the rubbish removal. Getting some help will speed up things and will be less stressful.

Offer some treats to friends for helping. Maybe even order some pizza and have them stay for dinner.

Wishing you all the best for your next move. Don’t forget to book Stress Free Movers as your best furniture movers in Auckland.