5 tips for Packing and moving delicate furniture

Moving day can be very stressful and tiring with surprises along the way. The one most important thing you do not want to experience is a damaged delicate piece of furniture. Antique pieces should be packed and moved extra carefully on the moving day.

Other items such as dining table set, sofa set, beds and draws etc can be loaded straight on to the moving truck by your local Auckland movers without much concern. So, taking extra care for delicate furniture should be your priority on the day of the move.

To free up some time and packing delicate items prior to the moving day can be very beneficial. Be prepared and gather some important tools or items in advance that will be needed to pack your delicate furniture. See list below of some supplies you will need.

  • Large and small cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Glad wrap large (Stretch wrap)
  • Styrofoam
  • Markers
  • Scissors and packing tape

Packing your artwork carefully

For most of the client’s artwork is very delicate and important to them. So, pack it safely with padding and then wrapping it with stretch wrap all over. Especially in the corners of the artwork frame cover it with cardboard protectors. If carrying the item in the moving truck, then put it in a hard cardboard box with padding to keep it safe. Don’t forget to mark your packed artwork as delicate item and handle with care.

Packing away your electronics

Expensive electronic items such as your TV, Fridge, Computer, laptops etc can be damaged easily if not packed properly with care. Firstly, wrap your electronic item with Styrofoam padding underneath and then get a bubble wrap cover to put on it. Then get the right size box that can fit over the item and fill in any gaps with padding. Lastly mark the boxes with electronic goods inside and handle carefully.

Packing and moving your antique furniture

In a monetary sense, the age and unique design of antique furniture make it highly valuable and not to forget the sentimental value it holds. These type of antique furniture needs good protection with extra padding inside the boxes to keep them safe. Especially during long travel furniture moving.

Moving your piano

Piano’s come in all size and shapes that also require extra attention when packing and moving. Pianos are heavy and delicate so; it is best left to be moved by professional piano movers in Auckland.

You need to make sure that you choose the right furniture movers who have experience in handling items such as the piano. Professional movers have special tools and trucks that have lifts to carefully place the piano in the moving truck.

Wood furniture packing

Empty the draws, unscrew knobs, remove handles, and secure all drawers before packing them securely and putting them on the moving truck. Get some blankets, foam padding and bubble wrap to pack the wood furniture safely. Wood furniture is very prone to scratches and denting if not properly protected.

Some furniture can be heavy and will require extra help to load it on to the truck. Ensuring to keep your back straight, squat down to get a grip and lift with the use of your legs and not your back. Be safe when moving such heavy items.

We hope the above-mentioned tips for packing and moving delicate furniture can help you in your next move. Book your local expert furniture movers in Auckland and make your next move a stress free one.