4 Tips on moving houses during NZ winters

New Zealand weather can be very unpredictable, especially during winter days. So, it is very important to ensure safety when moving houses over this winter period.

In winter we have short days and longer nights, which puts pressure on house movers with rush to beat the time. It is obvious moving houses during summer has priority over winter.

It is also not to say that it can not be done! The house move will just require extra planning and care to be conducted safely. Time can be well managed if you hire professional furniture movers in Auckland company.

Below are few tips to help you when moving to a new house during NZ winter.


Hire a professional moving company

Moving can be dangerous if you don’t take necessary precautions. The very first step is to search and hire a professional house moving company.

Professional Auckland movers are trained very well to handle the bad weather situations and are also well prepared for your move and handling furniture carefully.

Do your research before hiring movers in Auckland because there are a lot of moving companies. Ensure the moving company has good feedback and check their google reviews to get an idea of the service they provide.

Moving houses is stressful but when you choose the right house movers the experience can be stress free. They take on the moving stress from you and in winter they are trained to move furniture safely following the correct guidelines.


Packing your boxes and labeling them

Packing and labeling your boxes correctly can help make your house moving less stress full. When you label them correctly you already know which box goes where and you can have it delivered to the right room ready for you to unpack and settle.

If you plan and pack the boxes in your spare time well before the day of the move can minimize the time and effort required on the day itself. Start by packing furniture that is not in use and leave the things in use for the last packing day.

It is very important in winter to use good quality boxes which will resist the rain spots, without collapsing and damaging the contents. Always try to pack the things according to the rooms.

Some of the professional companies also handle the cleaning and packing services in Auckland which helps with time management and more time for you to sort out other important things.


Pack your essentials in a separate box

The number one essential item to be packed separately is your medicine followed by other essential items such as snack food, warm food for winter, an electric water kettle, bread, warm drinks, phone chargers, toilet paper, towels, basic kitchen utensils etc.

Also pack spare change of warm clothing separately as in winter rain can be unpredictable in New Zealand. Also, other things could go wrong such as ripping your pants or sweater while moving furniture, so it will help having spare warm clothes packed when in need.

This essentials box should be packed carefully keeping winter in mind.


Move during the daylight

In winter nights are longer and days are shorter, so plan your move accordingly and if you are hiring a moving company then ensure you book it early.

At night-time there are more hazards that you need to be aware of and lifting a box and walking with it during dark is dangerous as the path below you is less visible. You can easily trip over and hurt yourself.

Take extra care if you run into darkness when moving or just simply hire professional movers in Auckland who are well trained and experienced with these kinds of situations.

Make your next move a Stress Free one.