3 important things to note when choosing a furniture moving company

There are a few important things to note when choosing the right furniture moving company in Auckland. We know Auckland has a lot of moving companies and picking the one that will best suit your needs can be tricky.

Moving houses is stressful and it can be even more stressful when you do not have the right trusted moving company on board to help you out and take that stress away.

So, take the time to consider some of the points below in order to help make a better decision when looking for Auckland movers.


  1. The moving company’s reputation

When you carry out your search for a moving company make sure you check their reputation in the market and compare 2 or 3 companies to help make an informed decision. The last thing you want is to sign up with a moving company that will have you pulling your hair out! So, to make your move a stress free one, carry out the research beforehand.

So how will you check if the company is reliable and trustable?

Check out their website and what the moving company has to offer. Read up on their reviews and see if other people have experienced bad service from the company. Also check with your friends or family if they know a good furniture moving company In Auckland?

Other points to consider would be how many years of experience the company hold and number of clients they have helped move over the years.


  1. Get quotes

Get 3-4 quotes from different companies and compare them. You want to select a company that will not overcharge you and also is reasonable with their price they have quoted. Do not go ahead and simply choose the cheapest moving quote because it is cheap and will save you money.

As advised earlier do your research as to what the company has to offer. Selecting the cheapest one may give you trouble when it comes to moving day and will then make you think why you went for this option and did not do a research on the company.

It may sound cheap at start but further down when you run into problems it may cost more and the trouble it would have caused you. Select a quote that is reasonable and makes sense to you after doing your due diligence on the moving company.


  1. Safety assurance of the furniture

What we mean by the safety assurance of the furniture is how will the moving company assure you that your furniture will be moved safely and if something does go wrong how will the company deal with the damage done to the furniture.

Some Auckland movers may off their services with public liability insurance which covers your contents if the moving company is involved in traffic accident, but most moving companies do not provide contents insurance as part of their moving service.

If they do offer it then all well and good but if not, then make sure to check your house and content insurance and if that would cover your house move. Or ask the moving company if they could recommend for removals insurance that would cover your contents.

These 3 points are very important to consider when looking for reliable furniture movers in Auckland. You want your move to be stress free and be done in a safe manner so that all your contents are packed and delivered safely.


Make your next move a stress free one ?